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Senior Living Communities

Types of Senior Housing Communities and Services (link to the definition below)

  1. Real Estate
  2. Manufactured Homes
  3. Age Qualified and All Age
  4. Independent Living
  5. Assisted Living
  6. Skilled Nursing
  7. Continuing Care Retirement Community
  8. Alzheimer's/Memory Care
  9. Adult Day Care

Real Estate

These housing options offer home ownership opportunities. Some communities offer rental programs or rent-to-own options as well. These communities may offer features such as a gold course, private lake, clubhouse, swimming pool, sporting facilities, recreational activities, residence council, and much more.

The types of residences that you may find are:

  • Single Family Homes
  • Cottages and Patio Homes
  • Condos and Townhouses
  • Cooperatives
  • Golf Communities
  • Gated Communities

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Manufactured Homes

Manufactured homes are transported in one or more sections and are assembled at a home site. The homes include many common features found in traditional built homes. Additional features may be added, such as decks, porches, garages and sunrooms. Depending on the community, these homes may be available for purchase or rent. These homes may offer the option to purchase or lease the land that the home will occupy.

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Age Qualified and All Age Apartments

These housing options are designated specifically for the independent active adult who desires a maintenance-free lifestyle. These communities are typically multi-unit rental communities that offer various size apartment homes. Rates vary depending on the level of services, if any, that they provide.

All Age

Describes communities where residents of all ages may live. While these communities are not age specific they incorporate features desirable for adults.

Age Qualified

Describes communities where you must be 55 or 62 years or older to live. These communities offer an independent lifestyle in addition to social and recreational activities.

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Independent Living

These communities are designed for adults who want an independent lifestyle while enjoying the benefits a full service community offers.These full service communities typically provide meals in a restaurant setting, housekeeping, transportation and various social activities. While there may be wellness programs, there are typically no care options available, unless they are licensed as a Residential Care Facility for the Elderly.

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Assisted Living

These communities promote independence in a private residence setting, but offer personal assistance for meals, bathing, dressing and/or medication on an as needed basis. In addition, transportation and social activities may be available. They may be stand alone or part of an Independent Living community.

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Skilled Nursing

These communities provide medical care by licensed nurses 24 hours a day. Many of these communities offer short term, comprehensive rehabilitation programs on an inpatient and outpatient basis. These communities are licensed and regulated by state public health departments.

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Continuing Care Retirement Communities

This type of housing provides an entire campus of living choices from private home and independent living to assisted living and even skilled nursing communities. The residents can age in a place without having to relocate. CCRCs provide a type of housing regardless of your medical status.

In a CCRC community you may or may not have to pay an entrance fee or "buy in", which could be put in escrow for future health care. There is typically a monthly payment that covers rent, meals, services, amenities and/or medical care. Some communities will have requirements to live there (based on age, income, health status and/or financial assets). Make sure to ask about specific requirements when visiting or calling.

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Alzheimer's/Memory Care

These communities provide specialized services to meet the needs of the Alzheimer's or memory impaired adult. These services may be provided by an Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing or Residential Community.

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Adult Day Care

A wonderful and cost effective alternative to live-in care. Adult daycare offers a safe environment for adults during daytime hours to participate in a variety of planned programs including social activities, nutritional, nursing and rehabilitation services.

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